Eligibility for Care

Serving the Uninsured of Greene County

The Clinic serves residents of Greene County who do not have health insurance and who have family income of less than 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

We are not able to serve those who receive Medicare or Medicaid coverage, or children who receive FAMIS (Family Access to Medical Insurance Security) coverage.

Documentation Required for Eligibility Determination

We will need proof of your family income; this may include tax returns, W-2 statements, pay stubs and bank statements. We will need to update your income information every year.   We do not include land or home ownership, vehicles, or other assets.

We also will need evidence that you live in Greene County.

Eligibility Guidlines 2019

Family number          Lower income cutoff          Up to this income

1                                      $17,237                              $37,470

2                                       $23,366                                $50,730

3                                       $29,436                                $63,990

4                                       $35,536                                $77,250

Call the clinic at 434 985 7000 for eligibility for larger families.