Our Medical Staff


Highly Experienced Doctors and Nurses

The Clinic has recruited highly experienced and skilled local physicians and nurse practitioners, who are licensed in Virginia, to provide healthcare to our patients. Several of the staff have retired from their full-time careers in medicine and are now volunteering their time to the Clinic.

The current medical staff members are:

Dr. Mary Preston - Internal Medicine

Dr. Preston has been with the Clinic since 2005. She has served as a physician with the University of Virginia Health Care System. She lives in Greene County.

Dr. Tom Call - Cardiologist

Dr. Call has been with the Clinic since 2005. He was a physician with Culpeper Regional Hospital before his retirement. He lives in Greene County.

Dr. Nancy Weiss - Surgery

Dr. Weiss has been with the Clinic since 2011. She practiced general surgery in Connecticut before her move to Charlottesville, where she now lives.

Dr. Amy McElroy - Family Practice

Tom McElroy - Nurse Practitioner

Janet Call - Nurse Practitioner

Janet Call is the founder and current Executive Director of the Clinic. She has been a nurse practitioner since 1976, and is a specialist in diabetes treatment. She previously served as Executive Director of the Chesapeake Care Free Clinic, and the Free Clinic of Culpeper.


We Are Seeking More Doctors and Nurses

The Clinic is seeking doctors and nurses to volunteer a few hours a week at the Clinic. With more medical staff we could expand our hours and be available to serve more citizens of Greene County who are uninsured. If you are interested, please contact Janet Call, Executive Director, by email at janet@greenecareclinic.org, or call the Clinic at 434-985-7000.