Our Services


Healthcare Services Provided

We provide quality healthcare for our patients to ensure a positive health outcome and patient satisfaction.

Services include:

  • Treatment of acute health conditions (e.g. sore throat / colds) 

  • Comprehensive chronic illness care 

  • Diabetes education 

  • Lab and diagnostic testing 

  • Pharmacy services 

  • Lifestyle change support 

  • Health education 

  • Care coordination 

  • Referrals as appropriate to University of Virginia Hospital and Martha Jefferson Hospital


Monday, 9:00am – Noon
Thursday, 9:00am – Noon


39 Stanard St
Stanardsville, VA 22973


How We Can Help You

You will receive the same type of care you would receive in your personal doctor's office, and more.

  • You can be seen by a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner to help decide what treatment you need.

  • We can help you get most laboratory and x-ray tests you need.

  • We can have you evaluated by our Nurse Practitioner to understand your diabetes illness.

  • We can help pay for your medicine at Greene Pharmacy if you are our patient.

  • We can advise you about lifestyle changes to make you healthier, including smoking cessation efforts and diet changes.

We will provide care for acute illnesses such as the flu and back pain, but many of our patients need treatment for chronic disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and high cholesterol.

We are grateful to Martha Jefferson Hospital and the University of Virginia Hospital for lab and diagnostic support.


What We Cannot Do for You

We are not able to provide the following services:

  • Emergency care for severe injury or illness.

  • Birth control, GYN exams, PAP tests, breast exams, pregnancy testing, and prenatal care.

  • HIV treatment.

  • Immunizations.

  • Mental health emergencies.

  • Substance abuse services.

We will refer you to appropriate service providers for these health care needs.